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St. John Ambulance of Malaysia in Perak

St. John Ambulance Association and Brigade Perak has their records and progress since 1938.....

History of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia in Perak !

The first Division was formed under the leadership of the Y.M Raja Musa bin Raja Mahadi at Teluk Anson with Dr. Chang Hoey Chan, Rev Father J. Edmond as Divisional Superintendent and Mr. A.E Perera who was the First Hon. Secretary. The Office was at Tocon Board Building, Ipoh and then at Ipoh Town Hall in 1945.

Formation of Division in Ipoh

Dr. R.E Anderson Deputy Chief Medical and Health Officer in Perak officially confirmed to activate back activities. Since then the Association membership grew to about 9,000 and the Brigade strength to 2,204 year by year membership grew and at present there are about 10,000 members.

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